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Congratulations to TATRC’s Q3 Employee of the Quarter, Tabitha Waldrop

June 29, 2018  |  Download PDF

Ms. Tabitha WaldropMs. Tabitha Waldrop, Training Development Supervisor is EOQ for Quarter 3

Ms. Tabitha Waldrop, a hard charging team member of our Virtual Health Support Office (VHSO) has been selected as TATRC’s Q3 Employee of the Quarter due to her extraordinary contributions.

Tabitha has worked tirelessly in reinvigorating and expanding the scope of the CENTCOM Telehealth mission. Through her diligent efforts, TATRC has re-established relationships with the CENTCOM Surgeon’s Office, Office of the Surgeon General (OTSG), Defense Health Agency (DHA), Medical Communications for Combat Casualty Care (MC4) and most importantly, the Soldiers serving and delivering telehealth care throughout CENTCOM.

As the backup for the ADVISOR administrator, and the program manager for the Army email asynchronous teleconsultation and Army tele-dermatology programs, her daily actions and involvement were outstanding. When the individuals responsible for these efforts went down unexpectedly, Tabitha eagerly stepped in and allowed for continuous, uninterrupted teleconsultations, thus ensuring that Soldiers on point needing teleconsultation were taken care of in an expeditious manner.

Tabitha’s oversight and coordination on the development of the white paper for Global Video Systems resulted in a concise, informative document that DHA and OTSG needed in order to make informed decisions. Her involvement in the establishment of a dashboard that reflects up-to-date metrics of asynchronous operational telehealth, gives our leaders the visibility of what is happening operationally for the first time. These efforts resulted in her being selected to serve on the MHS Telehealth metric sub workgroup.

Tabitha is frequently recognized by her peers at Fort Gordon and TATRC HQ, as a pleasant person to work with who is totally dedicated to the mission and always willing to assist others without being called upon.

Congratulations Tabitha!

This article was published in the June 2018 issue of the TATRC Times.