AMEDD Advanced Medical Technology Initiative (AAMTI)

Got a Bright Idea? AAMTI RIF Funding is Still Available for FY18!

April 13, 2018  |  Download PDF

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In 2017, the AAMTI program introduced the Rapid Innovation Funding (RIF) program as an optional alternative program to the traditional AAMTI Extended Innovation Funding (EIF). Unlike the traditional AAMTI projects which are an average duration of eighteen months, AAMTI RIFs projects should be accomplished in 6 months or less. Last year there was a threshold of $35,000 per project, but this year there is no set financial limit, and project funding requests should be commensurate with the effort required to evaluate the technology. As a reminder, AAMTI RIF projects must support the overall original AAMTI program aims by demonstrating advanced medical technologies and their impact on cost, access, quality, and safety of care and/or medical readiness.

Additionally, each funded RIF project is required to provide a one page final report and QUAD chart within 6 months of award detailing the uniqueness of the technology, methods of evaluation and recommendations for wider adoption or further evaluation in the AMEDD. Unlike the traditional AAMTI program, the RIF model gives a stronger chance of getting innovative ideas expeditiously into the hands of leadership with its 6 month evaluation component.

These AAMTI RIF projects provide senior AMEDD leadership with medical tech-watch capabilities on the newest products that are commercially available on the market today and continue to encourage medical technology entrepreneurship by our leading innovators at our military medical treatment facilities. Shifting the AAMTI program to a rapid innovation model provides improved reporting on cutting edge technologies, fills the void between acquisition and research and promotes products that should be recommended for further evaluation or adoption at a larger scale.

Ms. Holly Pavliscsak, AAMTI Program Manager stated, “Rapid Innovation Funding is a chance for individuals in our local Army military treatment facilities to obtain start-up funding for technology proof-of-concept demonstrations that provide solutions to locally identified issues. These small scale demonstration projects provide invaluable information for leadership in the form of best practices for larger implementation, policy alignment and areas of efficiency."

If you have a great idea, there is still FY18 funding available for award through the AAMTI RIF program. Additional information is available at:, or at The AAMTI Program Manager is Ms. Holly Pavliscsak who can be reached at or 240-566-2378.

This article was published in the April 2018 issue of the TATRC Times.