AMEDD Advanced Medical Technology Initiative (AAMTI)


November 2018

Major Danielle Anderson is demonstrating a knee extension mobilization on a training partner. The loadpad® provides an unobtrusive interface that allows the treating physical therapist to feel the joint movement while providing real time feedback via a tablet device.
8 November, 2018 AAMTI Project Spotlight: The use of Real-Time Instrumented Feedback to Train Physical Therapists

Osteoarthritis (OA) of the knee is a common and debilitating condition for many active duty and retired Service Members and beneficiaries. Traditional medical approaches include medications and injections providing modest symptom benefit with associated risks.

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The assessment tool consists of a wearable IMU system, wireless headset and automated Dual-Task protocol. The desired end state is to package the assessment into universally available smart phone based application.
8 November, 2018 AAMTI Project Spotlight: Dual-Task Stability Assessment Utilizing a Wearable Motion Analysis System: Diagnosis and Management of mTBI

Despite the proliferation of state of the art traumatic brain injury (TBI) centers throughout the Department of Defense (DoD), the diagnosis and management of most mTBI cases occurs at the small unit level. Combat medics relying on the Military Acute Concussion Assessment (MACE) are often the first medical providers to assess injured Soldiers.

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Screenshot of profile/appointment information for patients’ future surgical visits
8 November, 2018 Summer Launch of the Peri-Operative Surgical Patient Education AAMTI Initiative

This summer the lab team at TATRC’s Mobile Health Innovation Center (mHIC) launched phase one of the “Development of a Mobile Web-Based Application for Pre and Post-Operative Patient Education of the Military Surgery Patient” pilot project.

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June 2018

An Evaluation of Novel Medical Devices and Other Interventions in the Treatment of Tension Pneumothorax in a Swine Model (Sus scrofa), presented by CPT Rowan Sheldon, Associate Investigator. ** Top presentation: Preclinical session
29 June, 2018 AAMTI PM Visits Madigan’s Annual Research Day

Ms. Holly Pavliscsak, TATRC’s Program Manager who oversees the AMEDD Advanced Medical Technology Initiative (AAMTI) was on the road again in May. This trip took her to Madigan Army Medical Center (MAMC) in Tacoma, Washington where she attended the Colonel Pat C. Kelly Madigan Research Day on 4 May. COL Richard Burney, Chief of the Department of Clinical Investigations hosted this impressive event.

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Medic utilizing the ADTMC manual at a Battalion Aid Station.
29 June, 2018 AAMTI Project Spotlight: Web-Based Medic Tool

Currently, U.S. Army medics in the field carry the 269 page, 2-4 lb paper Algorithm Directed Troop Medical Care Manual (ADTMC) with them to Battalion Aid Stations (BAS).

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Schematic of Motion-Scaling to counter excessive signal latency in tele-robotic operations
29 June, 2018 AAMTI Project Spotlight: T.R.O.N. Telesurgical Robotic Operative Network and Counter-measures to Excessive Signal Latency in Robotic Telesurgery

In early 2018, the U.S. Army Medical Department (AMEDD) defined its strategic vision on the role of medical robotics and man-machine interfaces for the future of Army medicine. In line with the Army’s Robotic and Autonomous Systems Strategy, AMEDD outlines mid and long-term goals for research and development of strategies to enable semi-autonomous tele-robotic surgery for combat casualty care in austere and combat environments.

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Physical Therapy Assistant and SPARTA Coach, Ashley Ricks, works with Soldier Athletes to correct functional movement, improving range of motion, strength, and power to maximize performance.
29 June, 2018 AAMTI Project Spotlight: Human Performance Optimization in a Non-SOF Unit

The XVIII Airborne Corps is aggressively working to reduce the impact and frequency of musculoskeletal injuries and have identified a gap in the traditional methods used to physically train our Soldiers prior to injury and following injury rehabilitation.

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April 2018

Photos courtesy of BrainMaster Technologies Inc. Pictures illustrate a mock neurofeedback treatment session utilizing BrainMaster Discovery 24E and BrainAvatar™.
13 April, 2018 Got a Bright Idea? AAMTI RIF Funding is Still Available for FY18!

In 2017, the AAMTI program introduced the Rapid Innovation Funding (RIF) program as an optional alternative program to the traditional AAMTI Extended Innovation Funding (EIF). Unlike the traditional AAMTI projects which are an average duration of eighteen months, AAMTI RIFs projects should be accomplished in 6 months or less.

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Photos courtesy of BrainMaster Technologies Inc. Pictures illustrate a mock neurofeedback treatment session utilizing BrainMaster Discovery 24E and BrainAvatar™.
13 April, 2018 AAMTI Project Spotlight: Feasibility Study of a Novel Neurofeedback Technology for Persistent Post-Concussive Symptoms in Soldiers

Lifetime history of traumatic brain injury (TBI) is present in over 60% of military personnel. While most of these events are mild and leave no complications, nearly 20% of individuals sustaining TBI experience persistent symptoms. The presence of somatic, cognitive and/or behavioral impairment may affect the service member’s capacity to return to duty.

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Electric Cell-substrate Impedance Sensing system from Applied Biophysics, Inc.
13 April, 2018 AAMTI Project Spotlight: Electric Cell-Substrate Impedance Sensing as a Means of Determining the Virulence Potential of Bacterial Isolates

The disruptive nature of war coupled with the degradation of barriers to infection resulting from combat and non-combat injuries predispose military personnel to bacterial infection. Bacterial infection is a significant cause of morbidity and mortality in the military healthcare setting.

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At BAMC’s Research Open House, Ms. Holly Pavliscsak educates attendees on the AAMTI Program, its processes and how to obtain funding.
13 April, 2018 AAMTI Program Manager Invited to Speak at BAMC

Ms. Holly Pavliscsak, Program Manager for the AMEDD Advanced Medical Technology Initiative (AAMTI), was honored to be invited by Department of Clinical Investigation and the Graduate Medical Education department at the Brooke Army Medical Center (BAMC) in Fort Sam Houston, Texas to be the featured speaker at their Research Open House event on 31 January.

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