BHSAI Overview


The mission of the BHSAI Data Sciences Division uses data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence in capturing human traits, as well as in modeling biological and physiological systems to create cost-effective and robust solutions that enhance individual Soldier performance & health, prevent injuries, and optimize combat casualty care. We prioritize in silico models when environment or safety concerns prevent viable animal or human research.

Core Functions

Basic & Apply Data Science
High Performance Computing
Big Data
AI & Machine Learning
Computational Biology
Neural Networks for Data Limited Problems
Software Engineering


The Biotechnology High Performance Computing Software Applications Institute (BHSAI) executes high-risk high-reward interdisciplinary research to accelerate product development for Force Health Protection. Our approach combines ground-breaking basic science research with cutting-edge experimental, computational, and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. We drive forward-looking research programs, implementing these technologies in collaboration with life scientists to improve the medical protection and care of our military personnel.

Using AI and computational models as tools to improve the overall efficiency and efficacy of military medical research, we are committed to improving the health and readiness of individual Soldiers. Our research addresses topics in prolonged field care, optimization of mental performance, and prevention and treatment of diseases and non-battle injuries. We employ a multidisciplinary research staff with working experience in industry, government, and academia, possessing extensive knowledge in AI and machine learning, physiology, biomedical engineering, systems biology, and mathematics. The depth and breadth of our scientific expertise and problem-solving skills, coupled with the computational power of the DoD supercomputing assets, provide a unique DoD research environment for cutting-edge, computational-experimental interdisciplinary studies.